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This collection contains technical papers and articles that are authored by Microsoft customers, including Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs). If you are interested in having one of your Windows 7 articles featured here, send us an e-mail message at Windows 7 Customer and MVP Corner.

Steve Friedl

Steve Friedl is a Southern-California based independent consultant specializing in security and system software development. With a degree in math/computer science, he's been a C/UNIX developer since 1981 and first started using Windows in 1987. He likes writing communications controllers best, as it allows him to eschew GUI development and become one with the Win32 API. Various customer projects have gotten him particularly intimate with the windows printing and debugging systems.

An amateur ornithologist, he most enjoys coding on the back porch while hand-taming the wild birds

Articles Authored by Steve

Configuring Windows 7 for a Limited User Account

This document, originally published on Steve’s blog in May 2009, explains how to set up your Administrator accounts through User Account Control. User Account Control allows access to administrative rights, based on three account types: the built-in Administrator account; and account with administrative rights; and a standard, limited user account. Steve thanks Susan Bradley (Microsoft MVP) and Crispin Cowan, PhD for their assistance.

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Brien Posey

Brien M. Posey, MCSE, is a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional for his work with Exchange Server, and has previously received a Microsoft MVP award for Windows Server and Internet Information Services (IIS). Brien has served as CIO for a nationwide chain of hospitals. As a freelance technical writer, Brien has published approximately 4000 articles over the last twelve years for a variety of technology companies. You can visit Brien's personal Web site at

Articles Authored by Brien

How to Start a Windows Vista Pilot Deployment

This article by Brien takes you through the planning steps needed to successfully manage a pilot program that provides the best experience for pilot users and helps to provide a positive project justification to business decision makers in your organization.

How to Start a Windows 7 Pilot Deployment

This article summarizes and updates the standard IT pro best practices described in Brien’s document above for piloting a Windows Vista deployment so that you can apply them to a Windows 7 pilot deployment.