WPA Query Syntax

Applies To: Windows 8, Windows 8.1

The syntax search and filtering components of Windows® Performance Analyzer (WPA) are an extension to Windows query syntax. For more information, see Advanced Query Syntax.

Available Extensions

The following table describes the available extensions.

Description Examples

Property names can contain spaces and other non-alphanumeric characters if the spaces or characters are enclosed in square brackets.

[All Count]:>0

[% Weight]:= 5.6

The asterisk RegEx operator (*) is allowed on string types.

The following query matches both iexplore and explorer, but not myexplorer:

ProcessName:* '.?explore.*'

Memory size suffixes (KB, MB, GB) and time units (s, ms, us, ns) on double and integer literals are supported. These suffixes are not case-sensitive.

Size :> 20MB AND Size :< 0.5GB

Duration :> 5ms OR Duration :< 1us

Flexible precision on float literals for equality operations is supported. Precision is based on the number of decimal digits that the query contains.

Duration := 4.5ms can potentially yield a larger result set than Duration :=4.50ms.

You may want to restrict a search scope to a subset of rows by series name. The series name is the name of the right-most non-empty column to the left of the gold bar. In the following table, the series name for rows 1-6 is Process. For all other rows, the series name is Module.

If you query for Process:~='iexplore', rows 6-13 are selected.

If you query for Process:~='iexplore' AND [Series Name] := 'Process', only row 6 is selected.

If you query for Process:~'iexplore' AND [Series Name] := 'Module', rows 7-13 are selected.

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