Predeployment Checklist


Applies To: Windows MultiPoint Server 2012

Use the following checklist to help you plan your MultiPoint Server deployment.

Step Issue Help Topic
1. Verify that your applications are compatible with MultiPoint Server. Application Considerations
2. Determine the number of users who are likely to access, at the same time, each computer that is running MultiPoint Server so that you can estimate the number of required computers that must run MultiPoint Server. Users, stations, and computers
3. Understand the software applications and the web content that will likely be accessed by users and the impact that will have on system performance. Hardware Requirements and Performance Recommendations
4. Determine the number and type of stations that will be connected to the system. MultiPoint Server Stations
5. Determine the hardware that is needed. Selecting Hardware for Your MultiPoint Server System and Hardware Requirements and Performance Recommendations
6. Determine where your MultiPoint Server system will be located. Will it be set up in a single room, or will it be set up so that it can be moved from one location to another? MultiPoint Server Site Planning
7. Determine how the stations will be arranged. MultiPoint Server Site Planning
8. Verify a proper power and network infrastructure. MultiPoint Server Site Planning
9. Determine how user accounts will be implemented and managed. Network Considerations and User Accounts
10. Determine how user files will be shared and stored. Storing Files with MultiPoint Server