Using the Set-Service Cmdlet

Modifying the Properties of a Service

What can you do with the Set-Service cmdlet? We’re glad you asked. Set-Service provides a way for you to change the Description, StartupType, or DisplayName of a service. All you have to do is call Set-Service, followed by the name of the service you’d like to modify and the appropriate parameter (-description, -startup, -displayname). For example, this command changes the start mode for the ClipBook service to Manual:

Set-Service clipsrv -startuptype "manual"

Note. Other valid settings for StartupType are Automatic and Disabled.

This command changes the description of the ATI HotKey Poller service:

Set-Service "ati hotkey poller" -description "This is ATI HotKey Poller service."

As you can see, Windows PowerShell makes it possible for you to change the description; however, it doesn’t guarantee that you’ll come up with a good description!