Replmon Overview

Applies To: Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2003 R2, Windows Server 2003 with SP1, Windows Server 2003 with SP2

Tool Location

The Replmon graphical user interface (GUI) tool is included when you install Windows Server 2003 Support Tools from the product CD or from the Microsoft Download Center ( For more information about how to install Windows Support Tools from the product CD, see Install Windows Support Tools (

The Replmon graphical user interface tool was removed from Windows Server 2008 and later. Repadmin is still available for troubleshooting replication. For more information on using Repadmin, see Monitoring and Troubleshooting Active Directory Replication Using Repadmin and Getting Over Replmon.

Replmon.exe: Active Directory Replication Monitor

This GUI tool enables administrators to view the low-level status of Active Directory replication, force synchronization between domain controllers, view the topology in a graphical format, and monitor the status and performance of domain controller replication.

You can use ReplMon to do the following:

  • See when a replication partner fails.

  • View the history of successful and failed replication changes for troubleshooting purposes.

  • View the properties of directory replication partners.

  • Create your own applications or scripts written in Microsoft Visual Basic Scripting Edition (VBScript) to extract specific data from Active Directory.

  • View a snapshot of the performance counters on the computer, and the registry configuration of the server.

  • Generate status reports that include direct and transitive replication partners, and detail a record of changes.

  • Find all direct and transitive replication partners on the network.

  • Display replication topology.

  • Poll replication partners and generate individual histories of successful and failed replication events.

  • Force replication.

  • Trigger the Knowledge Consistency Checker (KCC) to recalculate the replication topology.

  • Display changes that have not yet replicated from a given replication partner.

  • Display a list of the trust relationships maintained by the domain controller being monitored.

  • Display the metadata of an Active Directory object's attributes.

  • Monitor replication status of domain controllers from multiple forests.

Corresponding UI

ReplMon provides its own user interface. See Replmon UI for more information.


For more information about deploying and using Active Directory, see the Active Directory Overview Web site.

System Requirements

The following are the system requirements for ReplMon:

  • ReplMon must be installed on a computer running Windows Server 2003. The computer can be a domain controller, member server, member workstation, or standalone computer.

Files Required

  • Comctl32.ocx

  • Comdlg32.ocx

  • Ctl3d32.dll

  • Iadstools.dll — component DLL that hosts the functions used by ReplMon

  • Replmon.exe

  • Tabctl32.ocx

For More Information

Installing ReplMon in a directory other than the default might result in errors. For more information, see "Intalling Replmon" in Replmon Remarks. For information about the IADsTools, see IADsTools Documentation (iadstools.doc) in the Program Files\Support Tools directory.


  • You need Microsoft Word or a compatible viewer to view Iadstools.doc. You can download a free version of Microsoft Word Viewer from the Microsoft Office Download Center.

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