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Add Counters Dialog Box

Applies To: Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012, Windows Vista

Performance counters that are included with the operating system or installed as part of a non-Microsoft application can be added to a Data Collector Set or to a Performance Monitor session. You can access the full list of available counters in the Add Counters dialog box.

To open the Add Counters dialog box, you can:

  • Create a custom Data Collector Set and choose to include Performance counters (the wizard will open the Add Counters dialog box).

  • Click the Add (+) button in Performance Monitor to add a counter to the current Performance Monitor display.

  • Right-click the Performance Monitor display and select Add Counters .

Common tasks in the Add Counters dialog box

Task Procedure

Choose the source computer for counters

Select a computer from the drop-down list or click Browse to find other computers. Counters can be added from the local computer or another computer on the network to which you have access.

The list below the computer selection drop-down shows you available counters that are divided into groups. You can add all of the counters in a group or select just the ones you want to collect.

Display a description of the selected counter group

Select Show description in the lower left corner of the page. The description will update as you select other groups.

Add a group of counters

Highlight the group name and click Add .


After highlighting a group name, you can click the down arrow to view included counters. If you highlight a single counter from the list before clicking Add , only that counter will be added.

Add individual counters

Expand the group by clicking the down arrow, highlight the counter, and click Add .


You can select multiple counters from a group by holding down the CTRL key and clicking the names in the list. When you have selected all of the counters that you want to add from that group, click Add .

Search for instances of a counter

Highlight the counter group or expand the group and highlight the counter you want to add, type the process name in the drop-down below the Instances of selected object box, and click Search . The process name you type will be available in the drop-down list to repeat the search with other counters.

If no results are returned and you want to clear your search, you must highlight another group. If there are not multiple instances of a counter group or counter, the search function will not be available.

Add only certain instances of a counter

Highlight a counter group or counter in the list, select the process you want from the list that appears in the Instances of selected object box, and click Add .

Multiple processes can create the same counter, but choosing an instance will collect only those counters produced by the selected process.


Unless you select a specific instance, all instances of a counter are collected.

Additional considerations

  • Membership in the local Performance Log Users or Administrators group, or equivalent, is the minimum required to complete these procedures.

  • If you are adding counters to an existing Data Collector Set that is configured to run as another user, you will be prompted to enter the user name and password each time you modify the properties of the Data Collector Set.

  • To add performance counters from a remote computer, the Performance Logs and Alerts firewall exception must be enabled on the remote computer. In addition, members of the Performance Log Users group must also be members of the Event Log Readers group on the remote computer.

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