Bootcfg /ems

Applies To: Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista

Enables the user to add or change the settings for redirection of the Emergency Management Services console to a remote computer. By enabling Emergency Management Services, you add a "redirect=Port#" line to the [boot loader] section of the Boot.ini file and a /redirect option to the specified operating system entry line. The Emergency Management Services feature is enabled only on servers.

For examples of how this command can be used, see Examples.


bootcfg /ems {ON | OFF | EDIT} [/s <Computer> [/u <Domain>\<User> /p <Password>]] [/port {COM1 | COM2 | COM3 | COM4 | BIOSSET}] [/baud {9600 | 19200 | 38400 | 57600 | 115200}] [/id <OSEntryLineNum>]


Parameter Description


Specifies the value for Emergency Management Services redirection.

ON - Enables remote output for the specified <OSEntryLineNum>. Adds a /redirect option to the specified <OSEntryLineNum> and a redirect=com<X> setting to the [boot loader] section. The value of com<X> is set by the /port parameter.

OFF - Disables output to a remote computer. Removes the /redirect option from the specified <OSEntryLineNum> and the redirect=com<X> setting from the [boot loader] section.

EDIT - Allows changes to port settings by changing the redirect=com<X> setting in the [boot loader] section. The value of com<X> is reset to the value specified by the /port parameter.

/s <Computer>

Specifies the name or IP address of a remote computer (do not use backslashes). The default is the local computer.

/u <Domain>\<User>

Runs the command with the account permissions of the user specified by <User> or <Domain>\<User>. The default is the permissions of the current logged on user on the computer issuing the command.

/p <Password>

Specifies the password of the user account that is specified in the /u parameter.

/port {COM1 | COM2 | COM3 | COM4 | BIOSSET}

Specifies the COM port to be used for redirection. BIOSSET directs Emergency Management Services to get the BIOS settings to determine which port should be used for redirection. Do not use the /port parameter if remotely administered output is being disabled.

/baud {9600 | 19200 | 38400| 57600 | 115200}

Specifies the baud rate to be used for redirection. Do not use the /baud parameter if remotely administered output is being disabled.

/id <OSEntryLineNum>

Specifies the operating system entry line number to which the Emergency Management Services option is added in the [operating systems] section of the Boot.ini file. The first line after the [operating systems] section header isĀ 1. This parameter is required when the Emergency Management Services value is set to ON or OFF.


Displays help at the command prompt.


The following examples show how you can use the bootcfg /ems command:

bootcfg /ems on /port com1 /baud 19200 /id 2 
bootcfg /ems on /port biosset /id 3 
bootcfg /s srvmain /ems off /id 2 
bootcfg /ems edit /port com2 /baud 115200 
bootcfg /s srvmain /u maindom\hiropln /p p@ssW23 /ems off /id 2

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