Create an Application Directory Partition

Applies To: Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012

You use Ldp.exe to add a new application directory partition to an existing instance of Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services (AD LDS).

Membership in the Administrators group of the AD LDS instance is the minimum required to complete this procedure. By default, the security principal that you specify as the AD LDS administrator during AD LDS setup becomes a member of the Administrators group in the configuration partition. For more information about AD LDS groups, see Understanding AD LDS Users and Groups.

To add an application directory partition to an existing AD LDS instance

  1. Open LDP, and then connect and bind to an AD LDS instance. For more information, see use Use Ldp.exe to Manage an AD LDS Instance.

  2. On the Browse menu, click Add child .

  3. In Dn , type a distinguished name for the application partition.

  4. Under Edit entry , type ObjectClass in the Attribute box and container in the Values box, and then click Enter .

  5. Under Edit entry , type instanceType in the Attribute box and 5 in the Values box, and then click Enter .

  6. Click Run .

    After the new application directory partition is added, the following information appears in the details pane:

    Added { distinguished name }

    where distinguished name is the distinguished name that you typed in step 3.

  7. Click Close .

Additional considerations

  • To open Ldp, click Start , point to Run , type ldp , and then click OK .

  • Application directory partitions can be of any object class, but they must have a value of 5 for the instanceType attribute.

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