Environment Extension

Applies To: Windows 8, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012

Group Policy includes the Environment preference extension. For computers or users, this extension allows you to:

  • Create persistent user or system environment variables.

  • Modify environment variables. For example:

    • Modify the command prompt (by modifying the PROMPT system variable).

    • Modify the location of the TEMP folder (by modifying the TEMP system variable).

    • Replace the value of the entire PATH variable.

    • Add semicolon-delimited segments to the PATH variable.

    • Delete semicolon-delimited segments from the PATH variable.

    • Change the text case of semicolon-delimited segments of the PATH variable.

  • Delete environment variables.


You can apply an Environment Variable targeting item to other preference items to restrict their application based on the value of the variable.

Getting started

You can create and configure Environment Variable preference items for any domain-based Group Policy object (GPO). You configure the settings by editing a GPO using the Group Policy Management Console. When editing a GPO, you can find this preference extension at the following location:

Computer Configuration or User Configuration

**   └ Preferences**

**      └ Windows Settings**

**         └ Environment**

For information about how to use this extension to create and configure a preference item, see the following topics: