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DNS Group Policy Settings

Applies To: Windows Server 2008

The following table lists and describes the Group Policy settings that are associated with the DNS Client service.

Group Policy Name Purpose

Primary DNS Suffix

Specifies the primary DNS suffix.

Dynamic Update

Specifies whether the DNS client should perform dynamic updates.

DNS Suffix Search List

Specifies the DNS server search list.

Primary DNS Suffix Devolution

Specifies whether DNS name devolution should be used in resolving names.

Register PTR Records

Specifies whether reverse lookup name registrations should be performed.

Registration Refresh Interval

Specifies the default refresh interval.

Replace Addresses In Conflicts

Specifies whether addresses in conflict should be replaced.

Register DNS records With Connection-specific DNS Suffix

Specifies whether DNS registration should be attempted for each network adapter.

TTL Set in the A and PTR Records

Specifies Time to Live (TTL) for dynamic registrations.

Update Security Level

Specifies the security level for updates.

Update Top Level Domain Zones

Specifies whether the computer sends dynamic updates to top-level domain zones.