Verifying the Network Load Balancing Cluster and Enabling Client Access

Applies To: Windows Server 2008

After implementing your new Network Load Balancing (NLB) cluster, you should ensure that you have properly configured your cluster. In Installing and Configuring the First NLB Cluster Host, you verified your implementation of individual servers. Now you must ensure that the entire cluster is secure and is properly monitored and health checked.

Use the following checklist to verify the NLB cluster and enable client access.

Task Reference

Verify the NLB cluster host restoration process.

Verifying that the Cluster Host is Restored

Verify that identified security threats are mitigated.

Verifying that all Identified Security Threats are Mitigated

Perform monitoring and health checking on the complete NLB cluster.

Monitoring and Health Checking the Cluster

Verify proper operation of applications and services running in the NLB cluster.

Verifying Proper Operations of Applications and Services in the Cluster

Enable client access to the NLB cluster.

Allow Client Access to the Cluster