Monitor Small Business Server

Using the Monitor Small Business Server taskpad, you can view current server performance and usage reports at any time. You can also view event logs and the status of services, and set up or modify monitoring configurations.

Task Summary

The following table describes the tasks on the Monitor Small Business Server taskpad.

Task Description

View Usage Report

Enables you to view server usage data.

View Performance Report

Enables you to view server performance data.

Set Up Monitoring Reports and Alerts

Starts the Monitoring Configuration Wizard, enabling you to set performance and usage reporting options, and to specify which users should receive alert notifications.

View Services

Enables you to view and manage the services running on the server.

View Event Logs

Opens the Event Viewer, where you can view the event logs.

Open Task Manager

Opens Windows Task Manager, where you can monitor processes, open applications, and view performance statistics. You can also use Task Manager to close applications and stop processes.

Change Server Status Report Settings

Enables you to configure, schedule, and send reports on server status. Reports provide status on services, performance counters, alerts, and log files.

Change Alert Notifications

Enables you to configure e-mail alert notifications.

Additional Information

Monitoring overview

Using the Monitoring Configuration Wizard

Understanding alert notifications