You must reset your client access licenses to 5

Windows Small Business Server 2003 Setup cannot continue because there are more than five Windows Server licenses on this computer.

To continue Setup, change the client access license setting to five, and then click Check Again to refresh the list of Setup requirements.


If you are upgrading from a Windows Server operating system, your Windows Server client access licenses (CALs) cannot be used for Windows Small Business Server CALs. You must purchase CALs for Windows Small Business Server. Windows Small Business Server includes licenses for five client computers. A CAL gives a client computer the legal right to access a computer running Windows Small Business Server and the services supported by that server. If you have more than five client computers, you must purchase Windows Small Business Server CALs. You can add CALs from the To Do List as part of completing Setup.

To change the client access license setting

  1. Click Start, click Run, and then type Control.

  2. Double-click Licensing.

  3. In the Product list, click Windows Server.

  4. Click Remove Licenses. The Select Certificate to Remove Licenses dialog box appears.

  5. In Number of Licenses to remove, type the number of licenses you need to remove so that you have five remaining, and then click Remove.


For information about purchasing CALs, see “Purchasing Client Access Licenses” in Appendix A, “Additional Information,” of Getting Started. For more information about licensing, see the end-user license agreement (EULA) that was included with your Windows Small Business Server 2003 packaging.