Configuring home page links for Remote Web Workplace

Updated: January 22, 2009

Applies To: Windows SBS 2008

The Remote Web Workplace home page is divided into several sections that feature links to key applications and network resources. Members of the Domain Admins security group can perform the following tasks:

  • Define which sections appear on the home page.

  • Manage the links that appear within the configurable sections.

  • Allow or restrict user access to link sections.

The following table describes the link sections that can appear on the Remote Web Workplace home page.

Link Section Description

Primary applications

Enables authorized users to access their mailboxes, connect to their work computers, or access their organization’s internal Web site.

Secondary applications

Allows access to key network resources, including a page to change a user's network password, connect to the server, and the view the online Help topics.

Organization links

Allows access to resources that apply to your organization. These links are available to all users who have permission.

Administrative links

Allows access to resources for performing common administrative tasks. These links are visible only to members of the Windows SBS Admin Tools Group security group.