Create a Quota

Applies To: Windows SBS 2008

Use the Create Quota dialog box to create new quotas, which allow you to set a limit on the space that is allowed for a volume or folder. You can create a custom quota or create a quota from an existing template.

To create a new quota

  1. Open the Microsoft File Server Resources Manager (FSRM). (To open the FSRM, click Start, click Administrative Tools, and then click File Server Resource Manager).

  2. In the navigation pane, click Quota Management, and then click Quotas.

  3. In the Actions pane, click Create Quota.

For information about each of the properties in the dialog box, see the Create Quota Properties section. When you finish, click Create to create and apply the new quota to the specified path.

  1. If you specified custom properties, the Save Custom Properties as a Template dialog box opens. When you create a quota with custom properties, you have two options for saving the custom properties:

    1. To create a new template that you can apply to the quota that you just created and reuse when you create future quotas: Click Save the custom properties as a template, type a name in the Template name text box, and then click OK. You can automatically update all quotas that are based on the template by editing that template.

    2. To create only the individual quota with custom properties: Click Save the custom properties without creating a template, and then click OK.

Create quota properties



Quota path

Identify the volume or folder where you want to apply the quota properties. Type the path in the text box or click Browse to browse for the quota path.

Create quota on path

Select this option to apply the quota properties to the volume or folder in the Quota path text box.

Auto apply template and create quotas on existing and new subfolders

Select this option to apply properties from an existing quota template to existing and new subfolders on the path of the parent volume or folder.


With an auto apply quota, you assign a quota template to a parent volume or folder. Quotas that are based on that template are automatically generated and applied to the existing subfolders and to any subfolders that are created in the future.

Derive properties from this quota template (recommended)

Select this option to apply properties from an existing quota template, and then choose the quota template in the list box that you want to derive properties from.


It is recommended that you derive quotas from quota templates. This allows you to edit a template and then update all or selected quotas that are based on that template.

Define custom quota properties

Select this option if you want to define custom properties for the quota. To set the custom properties, click Define custom quota properties, and then click Custom Properties to open the Quota Properties dialog box.

For information about the each of the properties in the Quota Properties dialog box, see Quota Properties in Edit Quota Properties

Summary of quota properties

Review the summary of properties for this quota before you finish the process of creating and applying the quota to the specified path.