Start the Fax service

Updated: March 10, 2009

Applies To: Windows SBS 2008

The Fax service can be enabled in Windows SBSĀ 2008 Standard and Premium. You are limited to four modems on the Windows SBSĀ 2008 network.


You must be a network administrator to complete this procedure.

To start the Fax service

  1. Open the Windows SBS Console.

  2. On the navigation bar, click Network.

  3. Click the Devices tab.

  4. In Device Tasks, click Start the fax service.


If the Fax service is not installed, you are prompted to install it. Click Yes to install it.


If you receive an error message that says the Fax service cannot start because you do not have a modem installed, install a modem and then start the Fax service.

  1. You are prompted to configure the Fax service if it is not already configured. If you want to configure the Fax service now, click Yes.


To stop the Fax service, in Device Tasks, click Stop the fax service.