Suspends processing of a batch program and displays a message prompting the user to press any key to continue.




/?   : Displays help at the command prompt.


  • When you run prompt command, the following message appears:

    Press any key to continue . . .

  • If you press CTRL+C to stop a batch program, the following message appears:

    Terminate batch job (Y/N)?

    If you press Y (for yes) in response to this message, the batch program ends and control returns to the operating system. Therefore, you can insert the pause command before a section of the batch file you may not want to process. While pause suspends processing of the batch program, you can press CTRL+C and then Y to stop the batch program.


To create a batch program that prompts the user to change disks in one of the drives, type:

@echo off 
copy a:*.* 
echo Please put a new disk into drive A 
goto begin 

In this example, all the files on the disk in drive A are copied to the current directory. After the displayed comment prompts you to place another disk in drive A, the pause command suspends processing so that you can change disks and then press any key to resume processing. This particular batch program runs in an endless loop. The goto BEGIN command sends the command interpreter to the begin label of the batch file. To stop this batch program, press CTRL+C and then Y.

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