Enables you to include comments (remarks) in a batch file or in your configuration files.


rem [comment]


comment   : Specifies any string of characters you want to include as a comment.

/?   : Displays help at the command prompt.


  • Using the echo command to display comments

    The rem command does not display comments on the screen. You must use the echo on command in your batch or Config.nt file to display comments on the screen.

  • Restrictions on batch file comments

    You cannot use a redirection character "(" or ")" or pipe (|) in a batch file comment.

  • Using rem to add vertical spacing

    Although you can use rem without a comment to add vertical spacing to a batch file, you can also use blank lines. The blank lines are ignored when processing the batch program.


The following example shows a batch file that uses remarks for both explanations and vertical spacing:

@echo off 
rem This batch program formats and checks new disks. 
rem It is named Checknew.bat. 
echo Insert new disk in drive B. 
format b: /v 
chkdsk b: 

Suppose you want to include in your Config.nt file an explanatory comment before the prompt command. To do this, add the following lines to Config.nt:

rem Set prompt to indicate current directory
prompt $p$g

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