INuiFusionReconstruction::CalculatePointCloud Method

Calculates a point cloud by raycasting into the reconstruction volume, returning the point cloud containing 3D points and normals of the zero-crossing dense surface at every visible pixel in the image from the specified camera pose and color visualization image.


HRESULT CalculatePointCloud(
         const NUI_FUSION_IMAGE_FRAME *pPointCloudFrame,
         const Matrix4 *pWorldToCameraTransform


  • pPointCloudFrame
    The pre-allocated point cloud frame, to be filled by raycasting into the reconstruction volume. This point cloud can be used as a reference frame in the next call to the AlignPointClouds method, or passed to the NuiFusionShadePointCloud function to produce a visible image output.

    The cloud frame can be an arbitrary image size. This allows you to calculate point clouds at the size of your window and then create a visible image by calling the NuiFusionShadePointCloud method to render this image. Note that large images are expensive to calculate.

  • pWorldToCameraTransform
    Type: Matrix4
    The world-to-camera transform (camera pose) to raycast from.

Return value

S_OK if successful; otherwise, returns a failure code.


Header: nuikinectfusionvolume.h

Library: TBD