INuiFusionCameraPoseFinder Interface

Encapsulates camera pose finder creation, updating, and pose-finding functions.


interface INuiFusionCameraPoseFinder : public IUnknown


INuiFusionCameraPoseFinder has the following members.


Name Description
FindCameraPose Retrieves the poses in the camera pose finder database that are most similar to the current camera input.
GetCameraPoseFinderParameters Gets the parameters associated with the CameraPoseFinder.
GetStoredPoseCount Gets the number of poses stored by the CameraPoseFinder.
LoadCameraPoseFinderDatabase Loads a previously-saved camera pose finder database from disk.
ProcessFrame Adds the specified camera frame to the camera pose finder database if the frame differs enough from poses that already exist in the database.
ResetCameraPoseFinder Clears the CameraPoseFinder.
SaveCameraPoseFinderDatabase Saves the camera pose finder database to disk.


Header: nuikinectfusioncameraposefinder.h

Library: TBD