INuiFusionColorMesh Interface

The INuiFusionColorMesh object is created when meshing a reconstruction volume. This provides access to the vertices, vertex colors, and triangle indexes of the mesh.


interface INuiFusionColorMesh : public IUnknown


INuiFusionColorMesh has the following members.


Name Description
ColorCount Gets the number of colors in the mesh.
GetColors Gets the collection of vertex colors.
GetNormals Gets the list of normals for the mesh.
GetTriangleIndices Gets the list of triangle indices for the mesh.
GetVertices Gets the list of vertices for the mesh.
NormalCount Gets the number of normals in the mesh.
TriangleVertexIndexCount Gets the number of triangle vertex indices in the mesh.
VertexCount Gets the number of vertices in the mesh.


Header: nuikinectfusioncolorvolume.h

Library: TBD