AudioBeam.BeamAngle Property

Gets or sets the beam angle, which is the direction that the sensor is actively listening.


property float32 BeamAngle {
         float32 get ();
         void set (float32 value);
public float BeamAngle { get; set; }
var beamAngle = audioBeam.beamAngle;
audioBeam.beamAngle = beamAngle;

Property value


Type: float32
Type: float
Type: Number


The beam angle.


When you set a beam angle, you can set any value in the range [-1.57, +1.57] radians ([-90, +90] degrees). However, internally only a limited set of angles can be supported. The actual beam angle will be limited to the range [-0.87, +0.87] radians ([-50, +50] degrees), with 0.087 radians (5 degree) increment. When you GET the beam angle, the returned value will reflect this limitation. It will be in the range [-0.87, +0.87] radians with 0.087 radian increment.


Namespace: WindowsPreview.Kinect

Metadata: windowspreview.kinect.winmd

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