IBodyIndexFrameSource Interface

Represents a source of body index frames from a KinectSensor.


interface IBodyIndexFrameSource : public IUnknown


IBodyIndexFrameSource has the following members.


Name Description
get_FrameDescription Gets the description of the body index frames.
get_IsActive Gets whether the body index frame source is active.
get_KinectSensor Gets the KinectSensor of the body index frame source.
GetFrameCapturedEventData Retrieves the body index frame source event data when a frame is captured.
OpenReader Creates a frame reader for the body index frame source.
SubscribeFrameCaptured Event that is used to notify the application that the next frame is ready to be delivered to subscribed readers or if a frame has been dropped.
UnsubscribeFrameCaptured Unsubscribes a subscribed event handler when a frame has been captured.


Header: kinect.h

Library: kinect20.lib