IMultiSourceFrameReader Interface

Represents a reader for multi source frames.


interface IMultiSourceFrameReader : public IUnknown


IMultiSourceFrameReader has the following members.


Name Description
AcquireLatestFrame Gets the most recent multi source frame.
get_FrameSourceTypes Gets the types of frames being read by the multi source frame reader.
get_IsPaused Gets whether the multisource frame reader is paused.
get_KinectSensor Gets the KinectSensor of the multi source frame source.
GetMultiSourceFrameArrivedEventData Gets the event data when an new multisource frame arrives.
put_IsPaused Sets a boolean that pauses or resumes the infrared frame reader.
SubscribeMultiSourceFrameArrived Subscribes to the specified event handler to process new infrared frames.
UnsubscribeMultiSourceFrameArrived Unsubscribes the specified event handler that processes new multisource frames.


Header: kinect.h

Library: kinect20.lib