Kinect Studio

Kinect Studio is a utility application that you can use to preview Kinect sensor array data, record and play eXtended Event File (XEF) files, control the timeline position, and select 2D or 3D views. Kinect Studio APIs enable you to develop custom tools, to record and play back body data using XEF files.

The installation of the SDK deploys the Kinect Monitor service which monitors the startup and shutdown of both the Kinect Service (KinectService) and the Kinect Studio Service (KStudioHostService). The Kinect Service manages the proper operation of the sensor and the processing of the data as it flows from the sensor to one or more client applications. The Kinect Studio Service performs all recording and playback.

To start Kinect Studio, in Windows 8, press the Start keyboard button, type ksstudio or Kinect Studio in the Search box, and press the Enter keyboard button.

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