IVisualGestureBuilderFrameReader Interface

Represents a Visual Gesture Builder frame reader.


interface IVisualGestureBuilderFrameReader : public IUnknown


IVisualGestureBuilderFrameReader has the following members.


Name Description
CalculateAndAcquireLatestFrame Calculates and retrieves the latest Visual Gesture Builder frame.
get_IsPaused Gets a boolean value that indicates if this reader is paused.
get_VisualGestureBuilderFrameSource Gets the source of the Visual Gesture Builder frames.
GetFrameArrivedEventData Gets the event data when a new frame arrives.
put_IsPaused Sets a boolean value that pauses or resumes the reader.
SubscribeFrameArrived Subscribes to the specified event handler to process new frames.
UnsubscribeFrameArrived Unsubscribes the specified event handler that processes new frames.


Header: kinect.visualgesturebuilder.h

Library: TBD