How to Modify the Scratch Directory Location

The scratch directory is used by the App-V Sequencer to save temporary files during the sequencing of an application.

Important   The specified scratch directory location should be located on the computer running the App-V Sequencer.

Use the following procedure to modify the scratch directory location.

To modify the scratch directory location

  1. To open the App-V Sequencer Console, on the computer running the App-V Sequencer, select Start / Programs / Microsoft Application Virtualization / Microsoft Application Virtualization Sequencer.

  2. To access the App-V Sequencer Options dialog box, select Tools / Options. On the General tab, specify the new scratch directory location where you want the App-V Sequencer temporary files to be saved. Alternatively, you can click Browse and use the Browse For Folder dialog box to specify a new location.

  3. To save the new location and close the Options dialog box, click OK.

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