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System.Windows.Browser Namespace

Microsoft Silverlight will reach end of support after October 2021. Learn more.

The System.Windows.Browser namespace provides classes that enable the interaction between managed code and JavaScript in Silverlight-based applications. This functionality is referred to as the HTML Bridge.


  Class Description
Public class BrowserInformation Provides general information about the browser, such as name, version, and operating system.
Public class HtmlDocument Represents the HTML document in the browser.
Public class HtmlElement Represents an HTML element in the Document Object Model (DOM) of a Web page.
Public class HtmlEventArgs Provides event details to event handlers.
Public class HtmlObject Provides methods for browser elements that are explicitly supplied by the HTML features exposed by Silverlight.
Public class HtmlPage Permits access to, and manipulation of, the browser's Document Object Model (DOM).
Public class HtmlPopupWindowOptions Provides options to control pop-up windows.
Public class HtmlWindow Provides the managed representation of the JavaScript window object.
Public class HttpUtility Provides methods for encoding and decoding HTML and URL strings.
Public class ScriptableMemberAttribute Indicates that a specific property, method, or event is accessible to JavaScript callers.
Public class ScriptableTypeAttribute Indicates that all public properties, methods, and events on a managed type are available to JavaScript code when they are registered by using the RegisterCreateableType method.
Public class ScriptObject Defines the core behavior for the HtmlObject class, and provides a base class for browser Document Object Model (DOM) access types.
Public class ScriptObjectCollection Provides a thread-safe wrapper for obtaining and iterating Document Object Model (DOM) collections.


  Delegate Description
Public delegate ScriptEventHandler Gets a reference to the JavaScript object that raised the event.


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration MouseButtons Specifies constants that indicate which mouse button was clicked.