System.Windows.Printing Namespace

Microsoft Silverlight will reach end of support after October 2021. Learn more.

The System.Windows.Printing namespace provides printing services for a Silverlight application.

To offer printing services in a Silverlight application, add a PrintDocument to the application and call the Print() method to open a print dialog box. Opening the print dialog box must be user initiated, such as clicking a button. Handle the PrintPage event to perform the print operation.


  Class Description
Public class BeginPrintEventArgs Provides data for the BeginPrint event.
Public class EndPrintEventArgs Provides data for the EndPrint event.
Public class PrintDocument Provides printing capabilities for a Silverlight application.
Public class PrinterFallbackSettings Provides device specific settings for printers that have vector printing limitations.
Public class PrintPageEventArgs Provides data for the PrintPage event.