System.Windows.Controls Namespace

Microsoft Silverlight will reach end of support after October 2021. Learn more.

Provides classes to create elements, known as controls, which enable a user to interact with an application.

Some of the controls contained in the System.Windows.Controls namespace documentation are available with the Silverlight runtime, others are only available in the Silverlight SDK. For a list of the controls included in the Silverlight SDK, see Controls by Function. When you use a control from the Silverlight SDK you will need to add a reference to the assembly and include the appropriate XML namespace mapping in XAML.


  Class Description
Public class AutoCompleteBox Represents a control that provides a text box for user input and a drop-down that contains possible matches based on the input in the text box.
Public class Border Draws a border, background, or both around another object.
Public class Button Represents a button control.
Public class Calendar Represents a control that enables a user to select a date by using a visual calendar display.
Public class CalendarBlackoutDatesCollection Represents a collection of non-selectable dates in a Calendar.
Public class CalendarDateChangedEventArgs Provides data for the DisplayDateChanged event.
Public class CalendarDateRange Represents a range of dates in a Calendar.
Public class CalendarModeChangedEventArgs Provides data for the DisplayModeChanged event.
Public class Canvas Defines an area within which you can explicitly position child objects by using coordinates that are relative to the area.
Public class CheckBox Represents a control that a user can select (check) or clear (uncheck).
Public class ChildWindow Provides a window that can be displayed over a parent window and blocks interaction with the parent window.
Public class CleanUpVirtualizedItemEventArgs Provides data for the CleanUpVirtualizedItemEvent event.
Public class ColumnDefinition Defines column-specific properties that apply to Grid objects.
Public class ColumnDefinitionCollection Provides access to an ordered, strongly typed collection of ColumnDefinition objects.
Public class ComboBox Represents a selection control that combines a non-editable text box and a drop-down containing a list box that allows users to select an item from a list.
Public class ComboBoxItem Represents a selectable item contained in a ComboBox control.
Public class ContentChangedEventArgs Provides data for the ContentChanged event.
Public class ContentControl Represents a control with a single piece of content. Controls such as Button, CheckBox, and ScrollViewer directly or indirectly inherit from this class.
Public class ContentPresenter Displays the content of a ContentControl.
Public class Control Represents the base class for UI elements that use a ControlTemplate to define their appearance.
Public class ControlTemplate Defines the element tree that is applied as a control template.
Public class DataGrid Displays data in a customizable grid.
Public class DataGridAutoGeneratingColumnEventArgs Provides data for the DataGrid.AutoGeneratingColumn event.
Public class DataGridBeginningEditEventArgs Provides data for the DataGrid.BeginningEdit event.
Public class DataGridBoundColumn Represents a DataGrid column that can bind to a property in the grid's data source.
Public class DataGridCell Represents an individual DataGrid cell.
Public class DataGridCellEditEndedEventArgs Provides data for the CellEditEnded event.
Public class DataGridCellEditEndingEventArgs Provides data for the CellEditEnding event.
Public class DataGridCheckBoxColumn Represents a DataGrid column that hosts CheckBox controls in its cells.
Public class DataGridColumn Represents a DataGrid column.
Public class DataGridColumnEventArgs Provides data for DataGrid column-related events.
Public class DataGridColumnReorderingEventArgs Provides data for the ColumnReordering event.
Public class DataGridLengthConverter Converts instances of other types to and from DataGridLength instances.
Public class DataGridPreparingCellForEditEventArgs Provides data for the DataGrid.PreparingCellForEdit event.
Public class DataGridRow Represents a DataGrid row.
Public class DataGridRowClipboardEventArgs Provides data for the CopyingRowClipboardContent event.
Public class DataGridRowDetailsEventArgs Provides data for the DataGrid.LoadingRowDetails, DataGrid.UnloadingRowDetails, and DataGrid.RowDetailsVisibilityChanged events.
Public class DataGridRowEditEndedEventArgs Provides data for the RowEditEnded event.
Public class DataGridRowEditEndingEventArgs Provides data for the RowEditEnding event.
Public class DataGridRowEventArgs Provides data for DataGrid row-related events.
Public class DataGridRowGroupHeader Represents the header of a DataGrid row group.
Public class DataGridRowGroupHeaderEventArgs Provides data for the LoadingRowGroup and UnloadingRowGroup events.
Public class DataGridTemplateColumn Represents a DataGrid column that hosts template-specified content in its cells.
Public class DataGridTextColumn Represents a DataGrid column that hosts textual content in its cells.
Public class DataPager Provides a user interface for paging through a collection of data.
Public class DatePicker Represents a control that allows the user to select a date.
Public class DatePickerDateValidationErrorEventArgs Provides data for the DateValidationError event.
Public class DateTimeTypeConverter Provides a converter to convert DateTime objects to and from other representations.
Public class DescriptionViewer Displays a description and tracks error state for an associated control.
Public class DrawEventArgs Provides data for the Draw event.
Public class DrawingSurface Defines an area within which 3-D content can be composed and rendered.
Public class FocusingInvalidControlEventArgs Provides data for the FocusingInvalidControl event.
Public class Frame Represents a control that supports navigation to and from Silverlight pages.
Public class Grid Defines a flexible grid area that consists of columns and rows.
Public class GridSplitter Represents a control that redistributes space between the rows of columns of a Grid control.
Public class HeaderedItemsControl Represents a control that contains a header and collection of items.
Public class HyperlinkButton Represents a button control that displays a hyperlink.
Public class Image Represents a control that displays an image in the JPEG or PNG file formats.
Public class InkPresenter Implements a rectangular surface that displays ink strokes.
Public class ItemCollection Holds the list of items that represent the content of an ItemsControl.
Public class ItemContainerGenerator Provides mappings between the items of an ItemsControl and their container elements.
Public class ItemsControl Represents a control that can be used to present a collection of items.
Public class ItemsPanelTemplate Specifies the panel that the ItemsPresenter creates for the layout of the items of an ItemsControl.
Public class ItemsPresenter Specifies where items are placed in a control, usually an ItemsControl.
Public class Label Displays a caption, required field indicator, and validation error indicator for an associated control.
Public class ListBox Contains a list of selectable items.
Public class ListBoxItem Represents a selectable item in a ListBox.
Public class MediaElement Represents an object that contains audio, video, or both.
Public class MultiScaleImage Enables users to open a multi-resolution image, which can be zoomed in on and panned across.
Public class MultiScaleSubImage This class holds the properties for each sub-image within the MultiScaleImage.
Public class NotifyEventArgs Provides data for the ScriptNotify event.
Public class OpenFileDialog Provides a dialog box that enables the user to select one or more files.
Public class Page Encapsulates content that can be navigated to by a Frame.
Public class Panel Provides a base class for all Panel elements. Use Panel elements to position and arrange child objects in Silverlight-based applications.
Public class PasswordBox Represents a control for entering passwords.
Public class PopulatedEventArgs Provides data for the AutoCompleteBox.Populated event.
Public class PopulatingEventArgs Provides data for the AutoCompleteBox.Populating event.
Public class ProgressBar Represents a control that indicates the progress of an operation.
Public class RadioButton Represents a button that allows a user to select a single option from a group of options.
Public class RichTextBlock Represents a control that displays read-only rich text.
Public class RichTextBlockOverflow Displays the content that does not fit in a RichTextBlock or another RichTextBlockOverflow instance.
Public class RichTextBox Represents a rich text control that supports formatted text, hyperlinks, inline images, and other rich content.
Public class RoutedPropertyChangingEventArgs<T> Provides event data for various routed events that track property values changing. Typically the events denote a cancellable action.
Public class RowDefinition Defines row-specific properties that apply to Grid elements.
Public class RowDefinitionCollection Provides access to an ordered, strongly typed collection of RowDefinition objects.
Public class SaveFileDialog Provides a dialog box that enables the user to specify options for saving a file.
Public class ScrollContentPresenter Displays the content of a ScrollViewer control.
Public class ScrollViewer Represents a scrollable area that can contain other visible elements.
Public class SelectedDatesCollection Represents a set of selected dates in a Calendar.
Public class SelectionChangedEventArgs Provides data for the SelectionChanged event.
Public class SelectorSelectionAdapter Represents the selection adapter contained in the drop-down portion of an AutoCompleteBox control.
Public class Slider Represents a control that lets the user select from a range of values by moving a Thumb control along a track.
Public class StackPanel Arranges child elements into a single line that can be oriented horizontally or vertically.
Public class SubImageRoutedEventArgs Contains state information and event data associated with the SubImageOpenSucceeded and the SubImageOpenFailed routed events.
Public class TabControl Represents a control that contains multiple items that share the same space on the screen.
Public class TabItem Represents a selectable item in a TabControl.
Public class TextBlock Provides a lightweight control for displaying small amounts of text..
Public class TextBox Represents a control that can be used to display single-format, multi-line text.
Public class TextChangedEventArgs Provides data for the TextChanged event.
Public class TextSearch Enables the user to search a list of items in an ItemsControl using keyboard input.
Public class ToolTip Represents a control that creates a pop-up window that displays information for an element in the UI.
Public class ToolTipService Represents a service that provides static methods to display a tooltip.
Public class TreeView Represents a control that displays hierarchical data in a tree structure that has items that can expand and collapse.
Public class TreeViewItem Provides a hierarchical selectable item for the TreeView control.
Public class UIElementCollection Represents an ordered collection of UIElement objects.
Public class UserControl Provides the base class for defining a new control that encapsulates related existing controls and provides its own logic.
Public class Validation Provides methods and attached properties that support data validation and govern the visual state of the control.
Public class ValidationError Represents a validation error that is generated by the binding engine when an exception occurs during target-to-source updates.
Public class ValidationErrorEventArgs Provides data for the BindingValidationError event.
Public class ValidationSummary Displays a summary of the validation errors on a form.
Public class ValidationSummaryItem Represents an individual validation error.
Public class ValidationSummaryItemSource Represents the source of a ValidationSummaryItem.
Public class Viewbox Defines a content decorator that can stretch and scale a single child to fill the available space.
Public class VirtualizingPanel Provides a framework for Panel elements that virtualize their visual children.
Public class VirtualizingStackPanel Arranges and virtualizes content on a single line that is oriented either horizontally or vertically.
Public class WebBrowser Hosts HTML content within the Silverlight plug-in.
Public class WebBrowserBrush Provides a brush that renders the currently hosted HTML.


  Structure Description
Public structure DataGridClipboardCellContent Provides data about DataGrid cell content when it is copied to the clipboard.
Public structure DataGridLength Represents the lengths of elements within the DataGrid control.


  Interface Description
Public interface INavigate Defines a method for internal navigation in a Silverlight application.
Public interface ISelectionAdapter Defines an item collection, selection members, and key handling for the selection adapter contained in the drop-down portion of an AutoCompleteBox control.


  Delegate Description
Public delegate AutoCompleteFilterPredicate<T> Represents the filter used by the AutoCompleteBox control to determine whether an item is a possible match for the specified text.
Public delegate CleanUpVirtualizedItemEventHandler Represents the method that handles the VirtualizingStackPanel.CleanUpVirtualizedItemEvent attached events.
Public delegate ContentChangedEventHandler Represents the method that handles the ContentChanged event.
Public delegate PopulatedEventHandler Represents the method that will handle the Populated event of a AutoCompleteBox control.
Public delegate PopulatingEventHandler Represents the method that will handle the Populating event of a AutoCompleteBox control.
Public delegate RoutedPropertyChangingEventHandler<T> Represents methods that handle various routed events that track property values changing. Typically the events denote a cancellable action.
Public delegate SelectionChangedEventHandler Represents the method that will handle the SelectionChanged event.
Public delegate SubImageEventHandler Represents the method that will handle the SubImageOpenSucceeded and the SubImageOpenFailed event.
Public delegate TextChangedEventHandler Represents the method that will handle the TextBox.TextChanged event.


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration AutoCompleteFilterMode Specifies how text in the text box portion of the AutoCompleteBox control is used to filter items specified by the ItemsSource property for display in the drop-down.
Public enumeration CalendarMode Specifies values for the different modes of operation of a Calendar.
Public enumeration CalendarSelectionMode Specifies values that describe the available selection modes for a Calendar.
Public enumeration ClickMode Specifies when the Click event should be raised for a control.
Public enumeration DataGridClipboardCopyMode Specifies whether content can be copied to the clipboard from a DataGrid control. If the content can be copied, specifies whether column headers are copied.
Public enumeration DataGridEditAction Specifies constants that define what action was taken to end an edit.
Public enumeration DataGridEditingUnit Specifies constants that define whether editing is enabled on a cell level or on a row level.
Public enumeration DataGridGridLinesVisibility Specifies constants that define which grid lines separating DataGrid inner cells are shown.
Public enumeration DataGridHeadersVisibility Specifies constants that define which DataGrid header cells are displayed.
Public enumeration DataGridLengthUnitType Defines constants that describe how DataGrid elements, such as columns, are sized.
Public enumeration DataGridRowDetailsVisibilityMode Specifies constants that define when DataGrid row details are displayed.
Public enumeration DataGridSelectionMode Specifies constants that define the DataGrid selection modes.
Public enumeration DatePickerFormat Specifies date formats for a DatePicker.
Public enumeration Dock Specifies values that control the behavior of a control positioned inside another control.
Public enumeration ManipulationMode Specifies how manipulations are handled for ScrollViewer behavior.
Public enumeration Orientation Defines the different orientations that a control or layout can have.
Public enumeration PagerDisplayMode Specifies how the page controls are displayed on a DataPager control.
Public enumeration ScrollBarVisibility Specifies the visibility of a scrollbar within a ScrollViewer control.
Public enumeration SelectionMode Defines the selection behavior for a ListBox.
Public enumeration StretchDirection Describes the direction that content is scaled.
Public enumeration ValidationErrorEventAction Describes the reason a BindingValidationError event has occurred.
Public enumeration ValidationSummaryFilters Specifies the types of errors displayed in an ValidationSummary control.
Public enumeration ValidationSummaryItemType Specifies whether a validation error came from object-level or property-level validation.
Public enumeration VirtualizationMode Specifies the method the VirtualizingStackPanel uses to manage virtualizing its child items.