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Xamarin.Forms Navigation

Xamarin.Forms provides a number of different page navigation experiences, depending upon the Page type being used.

Xamarin.Forms Page Types

Alternatively, Xamarin.Forms Shell applications use a URI-based navigation experience that doesn't enforce a set navigation hierarchy. For more information, see Xamarin.Forms Shell Navigation.

Hierarchical Navigation

The NavigationPage class provides a hierarchical navigation experience where the user is able to navigate through pages, forwards and backwards, as desired. The class implements navigation as a last-in, first-out (LIFO) stack of Page objects.


The Xamarin.Forms TabbedPage consists of a list of tabs and a larger detail area, with each tab loading content into the detail area.


The Xamarin.Forms CarouselPage is a page that users can swipe from side to side to navigate through pages of content, like a gallery.


The Xamarin.Forms FlyoutPage is a page that manages two pages of related information – a flyout page that presents items, and a detail page that presents details about items on the flyout page.

Xamarin.Forms also provides support for modal pages. A modal page encourages users to complete a self-contained task that cannot be navigated away from until the task is completed or cancelled.