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Animation in Xamarin.Forms

Xamarin.Forms includes its own animation infrastructure that's straightforward for creating simple animations, while also being versatile enough to create complex animations.

The Xamarin.Forms animation classes target different properties of visual elements, with a typical animation progressively changing a property from one value to another over a period of time. Note that there is no XAML interface for the Xamarin.Forms animation classes. However, animations can be encapsulated in behaviors and then referenced from XAML.

Simple Animations

The ViewExtensions class provides extension methods that can be used to construct simple animations that rotate, scale, translate, and fade VisualElement instances. This article demonstrates creating and canceling animations using the ViewExtensions class.

Easing Functions

Xamarin.Forms includes an Easing class that allows you to specify a transfer function that controls how animations speed up or slow down as they're running. This article demonstrates how to consume the pre-defined easing functions, and how to create custom easing functions.

Custom Animations

The Animation class is the building block of all Xamarin.Forms animations, with the extension methods in the ViewExtensions class creating one or more Animation objects. This article demonstrates how to use the Animation class to create and cancel animations, synchronize multiple animations, and create custom animations that animate properties that aren't animated by the existing animation methods.