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Visual C# Express

Welcome to Microsoft Visual C# Express Edition, a combination of a powerful programming language and streamlined development environment. Visual C# Express Edition contains a complete C# compiler and world-class development tools. You have everything that you need in order to create state-of-the-art applications and utilities.

The purpose of this documentation is to welcome you to C# programming, and show you how you can use C# to quickly write amazing applications that harness the power of the .NET Framework. These Help sections assume that you have some programming experience, maybe with another language such as C++ or Visual Basic. Even if you are completely new to programming, you can follow the tutorials and use the online Starter Kits. Have fun, and write some great software!

If you can't wait to start, here are three topics you might want to read immediately:

See Related Sections for links to C# information on MSDN.

In This Section

  • Getting Started with Visual C# Express
    Everything you need in order to start: a one minute tutorial, comparisons between C# and other languages, and a list of Visual C# Express Edition features.

  • Visual C# Guided Tour
    A guide to using the Visual C# Express Edition development environment, designing a user interface for your application, and learning C# language features.

  • C# Programming Guide
    Usage information about all aspects of the C# language.

  • C# Reference
    Comprehensive C# reference and glossary material.

  • Migrating to Visual C#
    Introduces C# syntax and concepts to developers who are migrating from other programming languages.

  • Visual C# Samples
    Includes abstracts that describe the C# samples that are included with Visual Studio.