Use the eDiscovery Export Tool in Microsoft Edge

As a result of recent changes to the newest version of Microsoft Edge, ClickOnce support is no longer enabled by default. To continue using the eDiscovery Export Tool to download Content Search or eDiscovery search results, you either need to use Microsoft Internet Explorer or enable ClickOnce support in the newest version of Microsoft Edge.


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Enable ClickOnce support in Microsoft Edge

  1. In Microsoft Edge, go to edge://flags/#edge-click-once.

  2. If the existing value is set to Default or Disabled in the dropdown list, change it to Enabled.

    Select Enabled from dropdown list.

  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the browser window and select Restart to restart Microsoft Edge.

    Select Restart.


Organizations can use Group Policy to disable ClickOnce support. To check if there's an organizational policy for ClickOnce support, go to edge://policy. The following screenshot shows that ClickOnce is enabled across the entire organization. If this policy value is set to false, you'll need to contact an admin in your organization.

List of Edge organizational policies.

Install and run the eDiscovery Export Tool

  1. Select Download results on the flyout page of an export in Content Search or an eDiscovery case.

    Select Download results on the flyout page to download search results.

  2. You'll be prompted with a confirmation to launch the tool, select Open. If the eDiscovery Export Tool isn't installed, you'll be prompted with a Security Warning.

    Select Open to launch the eDiscovery Export Tool.

  3. Select Install. After it's installed, the export tool will launch automatically.

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