Azure Cosmos DB libraries for Python


Use Azure Cosmos DB in your Python applications to store and query JSON documents in a NoSQL data store.

Learn more about Azure Cosmos DB.

Client library - For Applications Development and Data Exploration

pip install azure-cosmos

Management library - For Account Level Management Operations

pip install azure-mgmt-cosmosdb

Key Examples

  • Common Tasks:

    • Create Database
    • Create Container
    • CRUD operations on Items in Container
    • Query a Container for Items
    • Create a Database user
  • Database Management:

    • Basic CRUD operations on a Database resource
    • Query for Database
    • List all Database resources on an account
  • Container Management:

    • Basic CRUD operations on a Container resource
    • Query for Container
    • Manage Container Provisioned Throughput
    • List all Container resources in a Database

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