ForEach operation

Namespace: Microsoft.Quantum.Arrays

Package: Microsoft.Quantum.Standard

Given an array and an operation that is defined for the elements of the array, returns a new array that consists of the images of the original array under the operation.

operation ForEach<'T, 'U> (action : ('T => 'U), array : 'T[]) : 'U[]


action : 'T => 'U

An operation from 'T to 'U that is applied to each element.

array : 'T[]

An array of elements over 'T.

Output : 'U[]

An array 'U[] of elements that are mapped by the action operation.

Type Parameters


The type of array elements.


The result type of the action operation.


The operation is defined for generic types, i.e., whenever we have an array 'T[] and an operation action : 'T -> 'U we can map the elements of the array and produce a new array of type 'U[].

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