Get Reserved Instance transaction charges for enterprise customers


Microsoft is retiring the Azure Enterprise Reporting APIs. EA customers - please move to the Cost Management APIs. To learn more, see Migrate from Azure Enterprise Reporting to Microsoft Cost Management APIs overview.

Reserved Instance charges API shows the billing transactions made on the Enterprise enrollment. If the reservation has been moved from the purchasing enrollment to a different enrollment, it will show the purchasing and the current enrollment of the reservation.

Request for Reserved Instance charges

Common header properties that need to be added are specified in the Overview of Reporting APIs for Enterprise customers article.

Method Request URI


To use the previous version of the API, replace v4 with v3 or v2 in the URLs above. Some fields aren't available if you use v2.


        "purchasingEnrollment": "string",
        "armSkuName": "Standard_F1s",
        "term": "P1Y",
        "region": "eastus",
        "PurchasingsubscriptionGuid": "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000",
        "PurchasingsubscriptionName": "string",
        "accountName": "string",
        "accountOwnerEmail": "string",
        "departmentName": "string",
        "costCenter": "",
        "currentEnrollment": "string",
        "eventDate": "string",
        "reservationOrderId": "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000",
        "description": "Standard_F1s eastus 1 Year",
        "eventType": "Purchase",
        "quantity": int,
        "amount": double,
        "currency": "string",
        "reservationOrderName": "string"

Response property definitions

Property Name Type Description
purchasingEnrollment string Enrollmentnumber that purchased the Reservation.
armSkuName string String representing the purchased resource.
term string String representing the term of Reservation. It will be P1Y for one year and P3Y for three years.
region string Region for which Reserved Instance is transacted.
PurchasingsubscriptionGuid string Subscriptionguid that was used to purchase the Reservation.
PurchasingsubscriptionName string Name of the Subscription that was used to purchase the Reservation.
accountName string Account associated to the purchasing subscription.
accountOwnerEmail string Email account associated to the purchasing subscription.
departmentName string Name of the purchasing subscription's department.
costCenter string The cost center that the purchasing subscription is associated with.
CurrentEnrollment string Enrollmentnumber where Reserved Instance resides today. If Reserved Instance was purchased in EA1 and later moved to EA2. This field will be EA2.
eventDate string Date of the reservation purchase/cancel/refund event.
billingFrequency string Possible values are Recurring and OneTime.
reservationOrderId string The reservationorderID is the identifier for a reservation transaction. Each reservation order ID represents a single transaction. A reservation order contains reservations. The reservation order specifies the VM size and region for the reservations.
description string This string is combination of Azure Resource Manager SKUName, region and the duration of Reserved Instance purchase.
eventType string String representing purchase/cancel/refund event.
quantity decimal Number of Reserved Instances transacted.
amount string Total amount of transaction.
currency decimal Currency of the Reserved Instance transaction.
reservationOrderName string Friendly name of the reservation order.

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