Conversational Analysis Authoring


Assign Deployment Resources

Assign new Azure resources to a project to allow deploying new deployments to them. This API is available only via AAD authentication and not supported via subs...

Cancel Training Job

Triggers a cancellation for a running training job.

Create Project

Creates a new project or updates an existing one.

Delete Deployment

Deletes a project deployment.

Delete Deployment From Resources

Deletes a project deployment from the specified assigned resources.

Delete Project

Deletes a project.

Delete Trained Model

Deletes an existing trained model.

Deploy Project

Creates a new deployment or replaces an existing one.


Triggers a job to export a project's data.

Get Assign Deployment Resources Status

Gets the status of an existing assign deployment resources job.

Get Deployment

Gets the details of a deployment.

Get Deployment Delete From Resources Status

Gets the status of an existing delete deployment from specific resources job.

Get Deployment Status

Gets the status of an existing deployment job.

Get Export Status

Gets the status of an export job. Once job completes, returns the project metadata, and assets.

Get Import Status

Gets the status for an import.

Get Load Snapshot Status

Gets the status for loading a snapshot.

Get Model Evaluation Results

Gets the detailed results of the evaluation for a trained model. This includes the raw inference results for the data included in the evaluation process.

Get Model Evaluation Summary

Gets the evaluation summary of a trained model. The summary includes high level performance measurements of the model e.g., F1, Precision, Recall, etc.

Get Project

Gets the details of a project.

Get Project Deletion Status

Gets the status for a project deletion job.

Get Supported Languages

Lists the supported languages for the given project type.

Get Supported Prebuilt Entities

Lists the supported prebuilt entities that can be used while creating composed entities.

Get Swap Deployments Status

Gets the status of an existing swap deployment job.

Get Trained Model

Gets the details of a trained model.

Get Training Status

Gets the status for a training job.

Get Unassign Deployment Resources Status

Gets the status of an existing unassign deployment resources job.


Triggers a job to import a project. If a project with the same name already exists, the data of that project is replaced.

List Assigned Resource Deployments

Lists the deployments to which an Azure resource is assigned. This doesn't return deployments belonging to projects owned by this resource. It only returns depl...

List Deployment Resources

Lists the deployments resources assigned to the project.

List Deployments

Lists the deployments belonging to a project.

List Projects

Lists the existing projects.

List Trained Models

Lists the trained models belonging to a project.

List Training Config Versions

Lists the support training config version for a given project type.

List Training Jobs

Lists the non-expired training jobs created for a project.

Load Snapshot

Restores the snapshot of this trained model to be the current working directory of the project.

Swap Deployments

Swaps two existing deployments with each other.


Triggers a training job for a project.

Unassign Deployment Resources

Unassign resources from a project. This disallows deploying new deployments to these resources, and deletes existing deployments assigned to them.