Version 2009-04-14

The 2009-04-14 version of Azure Storage includes these changes:

  • The Copy Blob operation was introduced with the 2009-04-14 version. To call Copy Blob, you specify the x-ms-version header.

  • The Get Block List operation offers new functionality with the 2009-04-14 version. You can now specify whether to return the list of committed blocks, the list of uncommitted blocks, or both lists together. To use this new functionality, you set the x-ms-version request header to 2009-04-14.

  • Entity group transactions permit atomic batch operations for multiple insert, update, and delete operations against the 2009-04-14 version of Azure Table Storage. For more information, see Perform entity group transactions.

  • Table Storage no longer supports property names, including the dash (-) character, in the 2009-04-14 version.

  • As of the 2009-04-14 version, Table Storage supports naming properties with C# Unicode characters. For more information about naming properties, see Understand the Table Storage data model.

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