Version 2012-02-12

The 2012-02-12 version of Azure Storage includes these changes:

  • The Copy Blob operation now works asynchronously, and can copy from any Azure storage account.

  • Containers can be leased, and all leases support shorter or infinite durations. You must now provide a lease duration.

  • A released lease can't be broken or renewed. Previously, these operations were allowed.

  • If you break a lease that's being broken or is already broken, no error occurs.

  • The lease ID of an active lease can be changed.

  • A lease ID can be included on an operation to acquire a lease.

  • When you're breaking a lease, you can specify a period during which the lease should remain active.

  • Azure Table Storage and Azure Queue Storage now support shared access signatures.

  • A shared access signature can live longer than an hour, even with no stored access policy.

  • Azure Blob Storage now provides MD5 hashes for the Put Blob operation.

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