Code examples for Cognitive Services Quickstarts

This repository contains the code examples used by the QuickStarts on the Cognitive Services Documentation

What are code examples

Code examples are a collection of snippets whose primary purpose is to be demonstrated in the QuickStart documentation. This code can compile and run, but is not intended as a template for how a solution should be developed. They are intentionally shortened and written in script-style to make understanding their basic concepts, easier.

Most of these examples can be run independent of the steps in the Quickstarts, yet represent what they offer.

Getting Started

These code snippets back Quickstarts found on Cognitive Services Documentation. These snippets are not intended as standalone solutions or for production use. To learn how to use the Cognitive Services, go to a QuickStart for each service.

Running the code snippets

Choose the language and service you wish to run. Navigate to the corresponding folder and open the README. Each quickstart contains prerequisites and run instructions at the top of its main execution file.

How this repo is structured

    ├── python                   # Language of the code snippet
    │   ├── ComputerVision       # Cognitive Service
    │   └── ... 
    ├──  ...

Data files (images, audio, video) should not be checked into the repo. Please add data files to the following central location: cognitive-services-sample-data-files


Samples (unlike examples) are a more complete, best-practices solution for each of the snippets. They're better for integrating into production code.

We offer samples for each language here: