Example "Hello, world" Spring Boot application that runs on Azure Functions

This is a sample application to showcase the use of Spring Cloud Function on top of Azure Functions.


This is just a "Hello, world", but it uses domain objects so it's easy to extend to do something more complex.

Getting Started


This project uses the Maven Wrapper, so all you need is Java installed.


  • Clone the project: git clone https://github.com/Azure-Samples/hello-spring-function-azure.git
  • Configure the project to use your own resource group and your own application name (it should be unique across Azure)
    • Open the pom.xml file
    • Customize the resourceGroup and appName properties
  • Build the project: ./mvnw clean package


Once the application is built, you can run it locally using the Azure Function Maven plug-in:

./mvnw azure-functions:run

And you can test it using a cURL command:

curl http://localhost:7071/api/hello -d '{"name": "Azure"}'

Deploying to Azure Functions

Deploy the application on Azure Functions with the Azure Function Maven plug-in:

./mvnw azure-functions:deploy

You can then test the running application, by running a POST request:

curl https://<YOUR_SPRING_FUNCTION_NAME>.azurewebsites.net/api/hello -d '{"name": "Azure"}'

Or a GET request:

curl https://<YOUR_SPRING_FUNCTION_NAME>.azurewebsites.net/api/hello?name=Azure

Replace the <YOUR_SPRING_FUNCTION_NAME> part by the name of your Spring Function.