Open/WebSphere Liberty on Azure Red Hat OpenShift Samples


Azure Red Hat OpenShift provides a flexible, self-service deployment of fully managed OpenShift clusters. Maintain regulatory compliance and focus on your application development, while your master, infrastructure, and application nodes are patched, updated, and monitored by both Microsoft and Red Hat.

Open Liberty is an IBM Open Source project that implements the Eclipse MicroProfile specifications and is also Java/Jakarta EE compatible. Open Liberty is fast to start up with a low memory footprint and supports live reloading for quick iterative development. It is simple to add and remove features from the latest versions of MicroProfile and Java/Jakarta EE. Zero migration lets you focus on what's important, not the APIs changing under you.

WebSphere Liberty architecture shares the same code base as the open sourced Open Liberty server runtime, which provides additional benefits such as low-cost experimentation, customization and seamless migration from open source to production.

This repository contains samples projects for developing and deploying Java applications with Open/WebSphere Liberty on an Azure Red Hat OpenShift 4 cluster. These sample projects show how to use various features in Open/WebSphere Liberty and how to integrate with different Azure services. Below table shows the list of samples available in this repository.

Sample Description Guide
1-start Basic Java EE application with Java EE 8 (JAX-RS, EJB, CDI, JSON-B, JSF, Bean Validation).
2-simple Migrate 1-start sample to Open/WebSphere Liberty with minimum configurations. howto-guide
3-integration/elk-logging Extend 2-simple sample by integrating with Elasticsearch stack for distributed logging. howto-guide
3-integration/connect-db Extend 2-simple sample by integrating with Azure managed databases for data persistence. howto-guide
Extend 3-integration/connect-db sample by setting up a multi-node stateless cluster with load balancing. howto-guide
3-integration/aad-oidc Extend 2-simple sample by integrating with Azure Active Directory OpenID Connect for security. howto-guide
3-integration/aad-ldap Extend 2-simple sample by integrating with Azure Active Directory Domain Service via Secure LDAP for security. howto-guide
4-finish A complete sample with all services integration including security, data persistence & distributed logging. howto-guide


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