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This template will help you quickly spin up any number of Application Insights web tests and setup email alerts. The parameters file takes any number of test descriptor objects. These objects look like the following:

    "name": "test1",
    "url": "http://www.microsoft.com",
    "expected": 200,
    "frequency_secs": 300,
    "timeout_secs": 30,
    "failedLocationCount": 1,
    "description": "a description for test1",
    "guid": "cc1c4b95-0a39-48ce-9c7b-fa41f0fc0bee",
    "locations": [{
        "Id": "us-il-ch1-azr"

The guid field is an arbitrary guid for the test. The locations field is a collection of locations to perform the test from. Here is a table of the valid locations, and their corresponding Id code. Due to historical reasons, the Id code sometimes does not match the actual location where the webtest is occurring.

Name Id
North Central US us-il-ch1-azr
West US us-ca-sjc-azr
South Central US us-tx-sn1-azr
East US us-va-ash-azr
Central US us-fl-mia-edge
Southeast Asia apac-sg-sin-azr
UK West emea-se-sto-edge
UK South emea-ru-msa-edge
West Europe emea-nl-ams-azr
Japan East apac-jp-kaw-edge
North Europe emea-gb-db3-azr
East Asia apac-hk-hkn-azr
France Central emea-fr-pra-edge
France Central (Formerly France South) emea-ch-zrh-edge
Brazil South latam-br-gru-edge
Australia East emea-au-syd-edge

You can create any number of these test descriptors and pass them in as the parameter for tests as shown in the parameters file.

Tags: Microsoft.Insights/webtests, microsoft.insights/actionGroups, Microsoft.Insights/metricAlerts, microsoft.insights/components