Web App on Linux with PostgreSQL

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This template provides a easy way to deploy web app on Azure Web Apps on Windows with Azure database for PostgreSQL

This template deploys a web app with a managed PostgreSQL managed database of different pricing tiers: Basic, General Purpose, and Memory Optimized. The web app with PostgreSQL is an app service that allows you to deploy and managed PostgreSQL data and a website. This will deploy a free tier Linux App Service Plan where you will host your app service.

If you are new to Azure App Service, see:

If you are new to template deployment, see: Azure Resource Manager documentation


If you have already a Linux App Service Plan, you will have to deploy the new web app into the same resource group that the other web app is. That's because Student accounts has a limit of only 1 free tier Linux app service plan.

Tags: Azure4Student, appServices, PostgreSQL, linux, Beginner, Microsoft.Web/serverfarms, Microsoft.Web/sites, config, Microsoft.DBforPostgreSQL/servers, firewallrules, databases