Xamarin.Mac - SourceWriter

The SourceWriter Xamarin.Mac app is a simple source code editor that provides support for code completion and simple syntax highlighting. It is presented as an example of a complete Xamarin.Mac app that includes many of the features a user would expect to find in a typical Mac application.

SourceWriter includes the following features:

  • App Icons - Provides a unique icon for the app and each of its associated File Types.
  • File Types - Provides an example of assigning File Types to a Xamarin.Mac app.
  • Storyboards - Shows how to use a Storyboard and Xcode's Interface Builder to create a complex user interface.
  • Multiple Windows - Provides an example of working with multiple windows in a Xamarin.Mac app.
  • Template Window - Provides an example of a Template Window that allows the user to select the type of new document to create.
  • About Window - Shows how to create a custom About Window and wire it into the About App... menu item.
  • Cross Communication - Provides an example of talking across the multiple parts of the app: App Delegate, Windows, Controllers, Views, Menus and Toolbars.
  • Tracking Modified Windows - Tracking when the document in a Window has been modified, notifying the user of the modification and prompting the user to save changes before closing a Window or quitting the app.
  • Open and Save Files - Provides an example of opening and saving files and marking a window as belonging to a given file.
  • Open and Save Dialogs - Provides and example of working with the Open and Save Dialog boxes and presenting them as Sheets.
  • Open Recent Menu - Shows how to implement the Open Recent... menu item and track recently used files.
  • User Preferences - Provides an example of working with User Preferences to control the behavior of the app.
  • Preferences Dialog - Show how to present a Preferences Dialog to the user to allow them to modify preferences and how to apply those changes to all open Windows.
  • Data Binding - Provides an example of using Data Binding and Key/Value coding with C# objects and UI items in Xcode's Interface Builder.
  • Menus - Shows how to work with Menus and Menu Items in a typical Mac app.
  • Manually Enabling/Disabling Menus - Provides an example of manually enabling and disabling menu items.
  • Modifying Menus On-The-Fly - Provides an example of adding and removing Menu Items on-the-fly using C# code.
  • Custom Actions - Shows how to create custom Actions on a Window, ties those actions into the First Responder and attach them to Menu Items to automatically enable/display the items and activate the actions when clicked.
  • Toolbars - Shows how to work with toolbars in a Xamarin.Mac app.
  • Manually Enabling/Disabling Toolbar Items - Provides an example of manually enabling and disabling Toolbar items in code.
  • Custom Sheet - Shows how to create and present a custom sheet.
  • Attributed Strings - Provides an example of working with Attributed Strings and setting temporary attributes to highlight specific syntax in a string using a modular, reusable set of Language Formatters and Language Descriptors.
  • String Manipulation - Provides an example of complex string manipulation.
  • Text Views - Provides a complex example of working with text in a NSTextView and using the View as a Text Editor including maintaining tab level indent, conditional formatting and text insertion.
  • Auto Complete - Shows how to work with the built in Auto Complete feature of the NSTextView and provide custom word suggestions.
  • Drag & Drop - Provides an example of dragging text files from Finder and dropping them on the Text View to copy the contents into the text file at the current cursor location.
  • Web Views - Provides a simple example of using a WebKit Web View to present formatted text to the user as a document preview.
  • Scroll Views - Provides an example of working with a NSScrollView such as getting or setting the current scroll position.
  • Printing - Provides a simple example of printing a document using built-in features of the NSTextView and WebView.

The code has been fully commented and, where available, links have be provided from key technologies or methods to relevant information in the Xamarin.Mac Guides Documentation.

A Read Me document has been provided with a brief description of how the app was designed and works along with complete API Documentation (available in Documentation/html/index.html when downloaded) for the app.