Xamarin.Android - Job Scheduler

This sample demonstrates the new JobScheduler API. The JobScheduler API is part of Android-L's 'Project Volta' which provides new APIs to increase battery life.

JobScheduler allows applications to request non-user facing tasks to be run by the Android system in such a way as to maximize battery life.

This sample doesn't do any actual 'work', but demonstrates how to use the API.


  • Select any parameters from the main screen to restrict when the job can run.
  • Set a small deadline time. Android will automatically run the job after the deadline has passed.
  • Hit 'Schedule Job'
  • The job will begin running no latter than the deadline. When the job begins, onStartTask will light up green.
  • When the job terminates, onStopTask will light up red.

Build Requirements

Download the latest version of Xamarin Studio. Open JobScheduler.sln in Xamarin Studio and run the project. This project requires the API level 21 (L) SDK platform.

Job Scheduler application screenshot


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