Xamarin.Android - RecyclerViewer

This sample app accompanies the articles CardView and RecyclerView. You can use this sample to learn how to use the new CardView and RecyclerView widgets introduced with Android 5.0 Lollipop.

This app is a simple "Photo Album Viewer" that lets the user scroll up and down to view a collection of photos. Each photo, which consists of an image with caption text, is displayed as a row item in the RecyclerView. The Random Pick button randomly swaps a photo in the collection with the first photo to demonstrate how RecyclerView is updated when the data set changes. When the user taps a photo, a toast appears to display the number of the photo within the collection – this demonstrates how item view click handlers work.

Each image/caption (photo) row item is displayed in a CardView layout, and the app uses a single RecyclerView layout to hold and display over thirty unique row items. An adapter is used to connect the RecyclerView with a simple "Photo Album" database, a view-holder is used to cache view references, and a linear layout manager positions the CardView row items within the RecyclerView.

RecyclerViewer application screenshot