Xamarin.Android - FlashCardPager

FlashCardPager is a sample app that accompanies the article, ViewPager.

This sample demonstrates how to use ViewPager and PagerTabStrip together to implement an app that presents a series of math problems on flash cards. The user can swipe left and right through the flash cards and tap on a math problem to reveal the answer.

This app creates a Fragment for each flash card and implements an adapter derived from FragmentPagerAdapter. The heavy lifting of this app takes place in FlashCardDeckAdapter.cs, which adapts a flash card deck (implemented in FlashCardDeck.cs) to a ViewPager that is located and initialized in MainActivity.cs. The ViewPager layout includes a PagerTabStrip in Main.axml. Note that this app depends on Android Support Library v4.

FlashCardPager  application screenshot


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