Deploying Zero Trust solutions

Organizations may differ in terms of where they are in the Zero Trust journey. The Zero Trust Guidance center provides foundational information to get you started in your Zero Trust journey and various plans to guide you in rolling out Zero Trust wherever you may be in the journey.

First, you'll be guided through some conceptual information on the following technology components to help you better understand how they relate to Zero Trust:

Use the conceptual topics in this section to assess your Zero Trust readiness and build a plan to adopt a Zero Trust approach to security in your organization.

After learning about the foundational concepts, you can proceed with guidance materials to help you in your Zero Trust journey:

  • Rapid Modernization Plan
  • Deployment plan
Rapid Modernization Plan (RaMP) Deployment plans
Image of Rapid Modernization Plan Image of Deployment plan
If you're in the early stages in your Zero Trust journey, the RaMP guide is a good place to start.

Designed to deliver quick wins, the RaMP guide is organized by initiatives with checklists that identify critical layers of protection to get you up to speed in identifying fundamental deployment paths.

The plan identifies key stakeholders and roles so you can put together a project plan. It is presented in a chronological order with leeway for multiple teams to tackle some tasks concurrently.

Rapid Modernization Plan
For a more comprehensive guide on rolling out Zero Trust, the deployment plans provide in-depth guidance.

Unlike the checklist format of the RaMP, deployment solutions weave together resources across products and services.

Work is broken into units of work that can be configured together, helping you create a good foundation that you can build up from.

Microsoft 365 Zero Trust deployment plan